The project has started when my sister told me she was overwhelmed in her activity.

Indeed, she is a freelancer. She works hard to achieve requests from her customers but she has also a lot of administration to handle. The heavier administrative part is the invoice’s follow up with customers and reconciliation with bank account statement.

Her job is to provide her service, not to do papers! Don’t you think?

I used to work as a freelancer and I know how hard the administrative part of this life is. I understood exactly what she needed. Living in the heart of Israel, “The Tech Nation“, I was sure to find some good tools to bring her life easier.

After many researches on internet and many discussions around me, I found nothing accurate for freelancers.

Meantime, I understood how to organise all the requested features through my network.
I learned how each feature works and how to combine them together.

Driven by the motivation of helping my sister, I have decided to move forward in order to create one service that could help all freelancers.

Today, let me present you, the effective solution that synchronise invoices (in & out) with bank statements and save accurate time for freelancers.

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